April 26, 2002
To You (And You, And You, And YOU ...)

*Thank You*

bev, secra & the hag
bev & bitter hag presented me tonight with a gift i will never forget!
alameda bike shop ~ april 26, 2002

To everyone who contributed to the *Let's Get Secra's Butt Back on a Bicycle* Campaign:

The worst part about having my bike stolen wasn't the shock, or the monetary loss, or the sense of violation. It wasn't the unexpected interruption in our riding schedule. It wasn't even the fact that it happened while Jaymi was here for her much-anticipated visit.

All of that stuff sucked, no doubt about it.

But the worst part about having my bike stolen was the way it temporarily made me feel about people in general. I have to admit that for a few minutes I lost faith. Your gift has helped to restore some of that faith.

And that means more to me than you can ever know.

I will be thinking about ALL of the amazingly thoughtful, wonderful, generous-spirited *FootNotes* readers out there -- the readers I've been able to thank personally, as well as those of you who have chosen to remain anonymous -- if when my odometer reaches that 2,002 mark sometime this year. It will be as though I'm taking a little piece of you along for the ride. (Except that *I'm* going to be doing most of the sweating: you can just sit back in your computer chair, drinking iced tea and looking at poorly-scanned photos.) And for that, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart ...

... AND from the bottom of my toe clips.

Have a great weekend, everybody. You're the best.

p.s. a bazillion thanks to my pals Bev and Bitter Hag -- my fellow *BOOBS* (Babes On Outrageous Bikes) -- for being the best friends a cranky self-absorbed Internet journaler could ask for.

p.p.s no, we haven't purchased the new bike yet. next weekend, i hope.

p.p.p.s. we HAVE, however, already purchased a NEW LOCK.

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