July 23, 2001
Newly Wed Some More



For Better Or For Worse
(although we'd prefer *better* if that's ok with you)
We'd been married for about three seconds when this photo was taken.
Note buttons running down the FRONT of my wedding dress.

The Blushing Bride
The floral arrangements * for our wedding were beautifully crafted by my mother's friend, Orva ... yet another example of the way so many people chipped in to help us build the wedding of our dreams.

* in vanilla, dusty rose
and *footnotes* green
[which is NOT the same thing as teal, btw]

The Bridal Party
Left to right: Co-Maids of Honor Daughter #2 (Kacie) and Daughter #1 (Jaymi); The Ever-So-Slightly-Cranky (But Radiantly Happy/Enjoying a Fabulous Hair Day) Bride; our brother-in-law Tim, who presided over the ceremony; The Handsome Groom; and David's brother Chris, who stood up as Best Man.

More photos to follow!
(right now I'm busy honeymooning)

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