November 21, 1998
Good Morning, TicTac!

Working on it. Oregon is in the middle of a typhoon this weekend, and I'm gonna throw on some warm clothes and pull my hair back into a ponytail and grab the skeletal black umbrella and venture out into the *elements* for awhile ... just to recharge and regroup. I'll be back. And you know the drill: click here to relive the wonder and splendor of that last entry, while you wait ... and check back in a bit.

November 22, 1998
Let's Try This Again, Shall We?

Whoops. Sorry 'bout that. I fully intended to post something last night, but between "Winter Storm '98" (as the local TV weather puppets are breathlessly calling it) and an abysmal connection to GeoCities, it was just impossible to throw anything onto the website. I would get two and a half paragraphs written, and suddenly the power would *twinkle* on and off, and I would find myselves sitting here staring at the frigging DOS PROMPT again. So I spent the evening aimlessly wandering around cyberspace, posting birthday wishes to Shell Pile and talking to friends and looking up Greyhound information on the Internet.

By 11 p.m. I was sitting on The Ouch with a glass of milk and a couple of cookies, talking to David on the phone, getting ready to fall asleep, forcryingoutloud. Saturday nights sure ain't what they used to be.

(Thank God.)

I'll prolly write something later tonight ... but in the meantime, here's an e-mail I just wrote to the Tots (and assorted other players in the continuing drama that is my life).  It'll sorta explain what I'm doing for the next few days ... and why my webjournal entries might be slightly less than consistent for awhile:

Subj:    ~ Good Morning TicTac! ~
Date:    11/22/98
To:    Daughter #2, Daughter #2's Other Scream Name, Son # Only, Daughter #1
CC:    Grandma B., Aunt Debi, David

Hello, my precious little duckies (and assorted *other* people) ..

Thought maybe I should run next weekend's ITINERARY past you. That way we can address any problems beforehand and make sure we're all on the same page and stuff.

1. Tomorrow (Monday) I will put money in the mail for you. The money should be there by Wednesday, and you'll need to make sure that all *~* Greyhound Bus Travelers *~* (aka Daughter #2 and Son #Only) have the $42 each they will need for a roundtrip ticket to Portland. (In the interest of fairness, I might point out that Daughter #1 should also be given $42, so that if she decides to come down and visit the same weekend  --  which I hope and pray she is able to arrange  --  she can provide The Boyfriend with gas money. 

2. Daughter #2 and Son #O need to decide which bus they are taking to Portland ... and they need to make that decision within the next day or so, please. I am enclosing the most feasible schedule options. I personally would opt for an earlier trip, since that would give us more time together on Friday, but that's up to you. Daughter #2 and Son #O ALSO need to arrange a ride to the bus terminal in advance. (Preferably with a LICENSED DRIVER, so that sorta lets Brookie out.)  Maybe talk to Grandma B. or Aunt Debi on that one.

3. I have just been informed that I do not have to work the day after Thanksgiving. (I also will not be PAID for that day off, which bites, but I'll survive.)  Point is, I will now be on the other end of the Greyhound, waiting for you with baited breath. I'm negotiating with *Someone,* trying to arrange a ride (in exchange for yet another Benchmade knife!), but if that doesn't happen I'll have to take Tri Met to the bus station. That'll take about an hour and a half, so I really DO need to know which Greyhound option you're choosing as far in advance as possible, so I can plan my own travel stuff.

4. After I pick up Daughter #2 and Son #O, we will probably come back to The Tree House and hang out here. Have pizza delivered and goof around on the computer and talk and listen to music and make crank phone calls and stuff. *I* will also probably be doing some rather frenzied cleaning and packing, if anyone cares to give me a hand (she says hopefully)  ..

5. On Saturday -- not sure what time yet  --  Kacie, Kyle and  MOM will be taking the Tri Met bus out to PDX and picking up Mom's friend David, who will be flying in from California. (MOM is EXTREMELY EXCITED by the prospect of all of you meeting each other, and she knows that everybody is going to get along fabulously.)  David will be procuring a rental car at that point, so we've got a ride back to The Tree House. Maybe we'll stop and do something fun and cheap on the way home. (Bowling, anyone?)

6.  Saturday night ... not sure. Mom, David, Daughter #2 and Son #O will prolly go out to dinner or something (as MOM will likely be wanting to have her THANKSGIVING DINNER finally), or maybe we'll go over to Clackamas Town Center and wander around. (That's the mall where Tonya Harding used to ice skate, btw. They're running a special on knee braces this week.) It'll be a nice fun aimless sort of evening. MOM might even take a *break* from packing and cleaning and biting peoples' heads off that night ... we'll see. Sleeping arrangements are whoever/wherever/whatever furniture I still have by that point. At least I have plenty of FLOOR. (Even if it is still mostly covered with ceiling.)

7. Sunday we'll hang out in the morning, and then Daughter #2 and Son #O will be driven to the Greyhound Station again. Return trip options are enclosed.  I have no preferences here: it'll be completely up to D#2 and Son #O. I do however want them to make arrangements AHEAD OF TIME to have someone in Seattle to pick them up. No wandering the streets of TicTac in the dead of winter alone.  Talk to Grandma and Aunt D. again.

So that's the Itinerary, as far as the Tot People are concerned. My last day at The Knife Factory is Monday the 30th, and the next day David and I are loading up the U-Haul and heading back down to California. So it's going to be an extremely intense, busy few days for all concerned. If I'm cranky ... you'll understand why. Slap me if you need to. (Or just for fun.)

If there are any problems that I'm not seeing, or ANYTHING I'm overlooking, fortheloveofgod tell me now. I would also appreciate it if someone would snag Ray when he isn't busy and read portions of this e-mail to him, just so he knows what's going on. I just don't want him complaining later that he was out of the loop.

And incidentally ... while I was accessing the Greyhound website this morning, out of curiousity I plunked in the info for a trip from Oakland CA to Seattle WA, just for purposes of future travel. (Think: Christmas.) It looks to be a grueling bus ride -- sample schedule, depart 3:30 p.m. one day and get in at 5:30 p.m. the following day -- but it's still only $53 roundtrip. So in a pinch that's certainly *do-able.* And god knows I've had plenty of practice sitting around on my butt for hours & hours on end.

Love to all.

Mom/Terri Lynn/Secra/"Darling"



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