November 24, 1998
Change In Plans

HUGE changes in plans, just within the past twenty-four hours. 

My sister and her husband the chiropractor (a loyal reader of the website, btw  ... hiya, TicTacTim!) have offered to chauffer the Tots south to Oregon City on Friday afternoon, and then drive them home to TicTac on Sunday ... and now David will be flying in one night earlier than expected (Friday rather than Saturday) and already has the rental car lined up, so he'll head straight for the Tree House once he *deplanes! deplanes!* ...

... what all of this means, of course, is that the Tots travel in more safety and comfy-ness  --   we're not going to spend precious Together Time shlepping back and forth across the city in a leaky/creaky TriMet bus  --  and everybody will have a chance to meet each other in a less hurried fashion (including David and my sister). I am very pleased by these latest developments.  I am also very happy right now,  which  --  interestingly enough  --   appears to be majorly ticking some readers off.  Apparently a lot of people liked me better when I was in full Hungover and Hopeless Mode: this new Healthy and Hopeful version of me is gnawing at assorted *craws.*  Go figure.

Anyway ... time to go get ready for my second-to-second-to-last day at The Knife Factory.

In the meantime, here is this weekend's convoluted dual entry for you to chew on ... and everybody have a *nice day.*



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